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Things you need to know before you sell a condo

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The first thing you will need to do is to hire a real estate agent and discuss these important topics with him. It doesn’t matter if you own a condo as a living space, or as an investment property, the qualified agent will make all your problems disappear and help you sell your condo faster.

Review with him the following situations:

What is the best part of the year for the sale?

originalThe location of your condo may determine what is the best time of the year to put your home on the market, whether the fact that you are selling a condo or a house. Some experts state that best part of the year for the sale is spring, but this just can be compiled in every area. In the past previous years, historic patterns have completely disappeared. Still, there are parts of the state and parts of the year when sellers become extremely aggressive, but all this is variable. Talk with your agent, let him make the suggestions, considering his experience, let him think the best possible strategy for your condo selling.

Clean up your condo from the mess

It is an unwritten rule that condo that looks presentable and clean sells faster and has a higher price. Small remodeling can make wonders. If buyers notice even the slightest wear, they will suspect that bigger repairs are in need. If you desire to sell your condo fast, make it clean, tidy and free of personal junk. Clean your condo from top to bottom, polish everything, organize storage and your closets. Make your windows and lightning clean. If you have a garden that is commonly used, naturally you can’t clean everything by yourself, but you can clean steps and porch.

Emphasize the location of your apartment

condo-dos-dontNot all apartments have a good location, but there is something you can point out to attract new buyers. It doesn’t matter if it’s close to some public institution, such as school, university, hospital, or is it close to public transits, or park, or it has a spectacular view, or if you have only one fitness center near of you. Using everything that you can to your advantage is important. Your real estate agent will help you with these features and what is the best for you to point out.

Separate desired and bottom line price

how-tobuy-pre-construction-condosWhen arranging the price for your condo, it is important to set up the two prices, the one you desire and the one you won’t go below. Your real estate agent can estimate the value of your condo and recommend you the price range. It is important to talk with your agent and to tell him the price you will be asking and the lowest price you will be willing to accept. The big advantage of selling a condo is that your agent can determine a pretty accurate price of the apartment based on similar units that are listed, or have been recently sold.

Buying a condo: inside real estate tips

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Condos sales have always been attractive and popular, especially for young people who like to be close to the city. They are low maintenance, they have a casual lifestyle and sometimes you may feel like you are living in the clouds. Condo has become a very affordable entry on real estate market considering that prices of the houses have been on the rise.

Before you buy a condo:

Hire a professional help to help you out with this buying process, it won’t cost you a dime since the seller is obligated by the law to pay a commission. The good real estate agent will be there to help you with everything and to give you appropriate advice at the right moment.

buying-condo-preconstructionA good lawyer is a must. You will need a help with a legal documentation and with a title and with any type of legal advice and question you will surely have at that moment.

Review how much mortgage you can afford. Go to your mortgage lender and ask for financial qualification. Depending on how much money you have at your disposal, this will significantly narrow down your choice.

Additional cost will be involved. Your costs don’t end the moment you purchase a condo, be prepared for some extra costs, such as moving, various taxes, and lawyer’s fee.

Los Angeles, California real estate agent advise you on what you should do when you go to search a new apartment

You will encounter various styles and condos in different shape and condition, so be prepared for different situations. It all depends on what are you looking for and what suits your need the best. It is maybe a wise solution to talk with your real estate agent present him your likes and dislikes.

resaleBuy the largest condo you can afford; you will need to think about the future. If you buy a studio or one-bedroom apartment it will he much harder to sell it afterward.

Take into consideration the position of the building, what may look as a sunny and bright in the winter, in the summer it will be hot and unbearable. Visit same neighborhood at various times of the day, see if it suits your needs.

Choose a condo that has a spectacular view. Not only you will feel more relaxed and comfortable, but it will be easier to sell it later.

Avoid apartment that has a view on garage entrance because it will create a depressing atmosphere in the condo.

Choose a building that has a presentable and nice layout.

CondoIf your building has a parking space, that’s a huge bonus. Even if you don’t have a car at the moment and you don’t drive, you can always choose to rent it out.

Apartments usually don’t have enough space, so locker is highly recommended.

Review the aroma and condition of the whole building, especially corridors and common areas.

Find about your neighbors and who mostly occupies the building, tenants or owners. It is really important to get to know the environment where you will be living. The environment will be better if owners are occupants of the apartments.

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